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Hey y'all,

Thanks for stopping by. I'm Eric, founder and owner of LeverCraft Coffee. 

My coffee story starts just like many other, with a passion for repairing vintage lever espresso machines

The process of making great espresso drinks is complex and when I started falling in love with espresso I kept hearing that I would need thousands of dollars worth of equipment to make great espresso. A buddy of mine introduced me to vintage espresso machines and my caffeinated world was turned upside down. 

Welcome to analog coffee. 

Since my first shot pulled on a single lever espresso machine in 2014, I’ve since repaired dozens of lever machines, invested in artisanal small-batch roasting, earned the trust of local businesses to provide their offices with my coffee, designed and hand-built a full service specialty coffee trailer in East Austin, and now am working to bring the best coffee to you through this website. 

All of our coffee is the highest quality that I can source- it’s 100% single origin, responsibly farmed and sourced and roasted, packaged, delivered, and served with a mug-warming smile. 

The way we roast our coffee is an expression of how we drink our coffee. Every time we get a new bean, we experiment with as many roasts as it takes, fine tuning each iteration until the coffee is most authentically expressed. We aren’t afraid to break conventional roasting rules as long as they produce great results. 

My goal as a coffee professional is to make you stop and appreciate the complexity of the product and the entire chain that it has to go through to get to your cup. 

Stop by our shop and check out our gallery of lever machines and specialty drinks, order some beans for your home brewing, or reach out with questions or comments. I look forward to getting to know you!

Your friendly neighborhood coffee nerd,




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