LeverCraft Coffee Shop

It is with a heavy heart that we will be closing down the LeverCraft Coffee Cafe permanently on November 15th, 2021.

Owning a small retail biz is always difficult but these times have been especially challenging. At the end of the day, the shop was a passion project that was meant to form community and educate. I’m proud to say we were able to accomplish that!

I cannot thank our community enough for all the support over the years. You have made this experience for myself and the rest of the LC staff unforgettable, and the friendships we have formed are priceless.

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Espresso Lemonade

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The Freddo

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What we (used to) offer

  • High quality specialty coffee served out of a one-of-a-kind coffee shop in East Austin. Read reviews here
  • One of a kind espresso concoctions
  • Classic espresso and coffee favorites
  • Whole bean coffee
  • Ready-to-drink cold brew cans and cold brew concentrate growlers
  • Home barista tools
  • Vintage lever espresso machine museum
  • Weird East Austin vibe
  • Free wifi
  • An ever-changing menu of drinks and food items

Please note: we are a cashless operation. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, and Venmo.

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