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July 10, 2021

Now hiring: General Manager and Part Time Barista

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About LeverCraft

LeverCraft Coffee is a fast growing coffee brand driven by an unpretentious community-driven passion for coffee. Our roots are in vintage lever espresso machines and we now roast our own beans, serve specialty espresso drinks out of a hand-built trailer cafe in East Austin, make espresso tools for home baristas, and offer coffee education. We focus on quality, craft, and utility in everything that we make. 

Our Core Values

We are looking to grow our team of coffee nerds who share our core values

  1. Community oriented
  2. Flexible and adaptable
  3. Positive attitude 
  4. Have ability and willingness to learn 

General Manager Role Overview

We’re looking for an enthusiastic and process-oriented General Manager with experience running a shop and leading teams who is also excited to use their time for high value activities outside of the cafe. 

The coffee shop is an important part of our multi-armed business; through it, we serve hundreds of coffee lovers each month and acts as a community hub so it’s important that every single customer we serve has a 10/10 experience. We are looking for a manager passionate about creating exceptional, reliable, consistent customer experiences who understands how to leverage the shop for the overall benefit of the company. 

This is not a good fit for someone who wants to show up and get told what to do. 

This is a good fit for someone with a great attitude, growth mindset, who is excited to take ownership over an arm of a growing business. 

We have big goals for LeverCraft and there’s so much work to do to realize them but we have a tiny team. We’re looking for someone excited to help us find the biggest opportunities in the business, prioritize them based on opportunity vs cost, cut out the lowest priorities, and then execute on the biggest opportunities. 

The coffee shop is only open on weekends, which means there isn’t enough to do in the cafe to warrant a full time role so we’re looking for someone who also wants to jump in to help out where the business is growing. We are optimizing this hire on coffee shop management duties, but we’d love to find someone excited to dip their toes in the following ways as well

  • Wholesale growth - e.g. connect with local gyms, apartment complexes, businesses, etc to offer our cold brew and beans.
  • Social media marketing - e.g. drive more traffic to the coffee shop by thinking up fun ways to engage our community
  • Content development - e.g. we plan to start a YouTube channel and could use help developing and producing content

Minimum Responsibilities 

  • Manage employees and working schedule
  • Source and hire full time, part time, or temporary baristas as needed
  • Inventory and supply ordering, including in-house roasting
  • Manage and tracking cafe profitability and loss
  • Strategize and execute on marketing opportunities to drive cafe growth
  • Manage quality control of every aspect of a customer’s experience
  • Site cleanliness, upkeep and improvements. E.g. fix broken things at the shop, improve vibe, schedule lawn care, etc
  • Team player
  • Create processes and document them in SOPs


  • Previous cafe management experience
  • Previous team leadership experience
  • Insatiable appetite for happy customers
  • Open mindedness and willingness to try new ways of doing things
  • Self motivated and able to work independently without oversight
  • Not afraid to ask for clarity when you don’t understand something
  • Able to learn from mistakes. We have a rule that anyone is allowed to make any mistake once, but never the same mistake twice. 
  • Flexible and adaptable to our fast-paced, often disorganized, changing work environment
  • Extremely organized and systems oriented
  • Ability to see the difference between non-urgent tasks and urgent tasks and optimize your and your team’s actions to get the most important things done

Compensation and perks

  • $34k/year salary
  • Quarterly bonus if goals met
  • 5 days paid vacation for the first year
  • 10 days paid vacation per year starting second year
  • 5 sick days per year


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