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Single Origin - Colombia Gesha - 8oz

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This is one of the best coffees I have had this year.  Gesha has the reputation it has because of coffees like this. This particular coffee checks all the boxes.  It is so incredibly complex that my team and I were sipping it until the cupping cups were gone, trying to get all of the tasting notes out of it. 

Perfect on an espresso machine as well as a pour over.


Tasting notes: Milk chocolate, Blueberry, Black Plum, Creamy

Roast : Light

Process: Natural

Varietal: Geisha

Region: Narino

Elevation: 2200m

Why do we package our whole bean coffee in glass bottles?

We chose glass bottles over a traditional coffee bag because they are eco-friendly (reusable and recyclable) and these glass bottles are UV protectant and seal better than a bag to help the coffee last longer. Take $2 off your next bottle of whole bean coffee by bringing your empty bottle back to the shop! 

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