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Cold Brew - Ethiopia - 64oz - Concentrate (Makes 12 servings) Cold Brew LeverCraft Coffee

Cold Brew - Ethiopia - 64oz - Concentrate (Makes 12 servings)

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Our newest cold brew is made with a fruity, lemony Ethiopian coffee that is perfect for mixing in with lemonade, or other citrus drinks. 


Delivered in a 64oz jug to give you amazing cold brew at an amazing value! This is a concentrate, so it is brewed VERY strong. For best results, mix concentrate and cold filtered water 1:1. Delish. 

64oz (12 servings)

Tasting notes: Honey, Apricot, Lemon

Roast : Medium-Light

Process: Washed

Varietal74110, 74112

Region: Keffa

Elevation: 1950-2133m

Available for pickup at the shop and local delivery only. Not available to be shipped. Bummer, we know. This cold brew is BOMB but doesn't ship well with the heat and the weight and the glass and all.

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