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LeverCraft ultra grinder

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Professional quality single dosing coffee grinder with Custom Made Blind 98mm SSP burrs, static-free grinding, almost silent operation, and a one of a kind design that’s bound to improve your home espresso and make a statement in your kitchen. This is truly a best-in-class grinder for the ultimate coffee enthusiast.

LeverCraft Ultra Grinder
LeverCraft Ultra Grinder
LeverCraft Ultra Grinder
LeverCraft Ultra Grinder
LeverCraft Ultra Grinder
LeverCraft Ultra Grinder
LeverCraft Ultra Grinder
LeverCraft Ultra Grinder
LeverCraft Ultra Grinder LeverCraft Coffee
LeverCraft Ultra Grinder LeverCraft Coffee

LeverCraft Ultra Grinder

  •  Precision grinding allows for higher espresso extraction (21-25%) which means more flavor in your cup.
  •  Quiet operation. Only 20dB compared to typical electric grinder at 90dB. Never wake your partner up again with the 5:30am bean grind!
  • Industry leading features at a fraction of the price
  •  Stepless grind setting adjustment from Turkish to French press.
  • Best-in-class motor at a whopping 1.5kW with RPM adjustment from 100-1500 RPM.  
  • Assembled in USA 

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Expected delivery November 2021

What makes a coffee grinder,
the Ultra Grinder?


Low retention and static

If you have invested in an expensive single dosing grinder before, you know how frustrating it can be when your grinder retains grounds and the coffee doesn't make it into your portafilter due to static.

Retention on this grinder is consistently less than .1 g of coffee often with no RDT, partly due to the precision machining of the grinder, but also because of the clever chute system designed for the coffee's exit.

Both parts of the chute are magnetic, so they can easily be removed for cleaning or getting that last bit of coffee out.

Best In class grind consistency

The more consistent the grind is, the better the extraction.  This grinder is capable of getting 23-25% extractions with espresso which is almost unheard of.

With huge 98mm burrs this grinder is ready to take even the lightest of roasted coffees at the lowest RPMs.

Because the servo motor has an incredibly short shaft, and the machining tolerances are very small, the runout on the moving burr carrier is less than .0005".

 The Ultra Grinder is designed so that the upper burr carrier is 100% independent from the adjustment mechanism. They are separated by a high quality, German manufactured roller bearing to ensure smooth movement of the adjustment mechanism. The upper burr carrier plate is held in place by high tensile strength springs, pushing the carrier up into the adjustment mechanism, allowing it to be locked in place without needing a set screw. This also prevents any movement of the adjustment funnel. Since the adjustment system is independent, there is no way for the upper carrier to move when the grinder is on which means no coffee can get in the threading.  Even the best other high end grinders on the market could potentially move under this stress. 

The Ultra Grinder also uses a proprietary alignment system that allows us to make adjustments to compensate for the tolerance stack of all of the parts, making this grinder better aligned than anything on the market, out of the box.


Quiet operation

Only 20dB at rest, which is about as loud as rustling leaves. It clocks in at only 50dB when grinding.

Grinds beans quickly, consistently and quietly so you can experiment with different brews all morning without waking up your partner. 

Sleek Design and quality build

Designed and assembled by coffee nerds for coffee nerds.

Stow away the power supply with 5 feet of hideable cable. The PSU is cleverly designed to be standalone from the grinder to keep your counter top clean. 


Simple to use, outstanding results

What goes in your grinder comes out, every time.

No more wasting time and coffee changing grind sizes. The Ultra Grinder is easy to dial in and adjust grind settings with no extra work or cumbersome tools.  

Ready to experience your best espresso in your own home? 

Tech Specs

Burr Size98mm Custom Blind High Uniformity SSP flat burrs
Grind SettingStepless adjustment. Turkish to French press. .005mm per adjustment mark
Retention <.1g
Motor110V 1.6kW precision servo motor
Grind SpeedAdjustable 100-1500RPM , RPM Profiling (9 steps)
Materials6061 T6 aluminum alloy for machine parts, lower burr carrier SUS304 hardened and tempered with <.01mm runout

In the box

  • LeverCraft Ultra Grinder with 98mm Custom Blind SSP HU burrs
  • External Power Supply
  • Power supplies cables (5')
  • 110V, 220V power cable
  • Brush
  • 2 in 1 dosing cup and puffer tool
  • LeverCraft WDT tool
  • RDT spray bottle to minimize static

Warranty & Returns

30 Day Returns: If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return your purchase for a refund within 30 days of the date of shipment. We will not accept requests for returns after 30 days. See policies below for conditions of the 30 Day Returns Policy.

Return and Warranty Repair Shipping: Customer is responsible for return shipping charges. Items should be repacked carefully and shipped using a tracking number. We are not responsible for returns not received at our facility.

Non-Refundable Processing Fee: Should you decide to cancel your order prior to shipment, a one time fee of $65 will be deducted from your refund, as our processor charges us regardless of fulfillment.

Warranty: We offer a 1 year warranty on all parts under normal home use. Customer is responsible for shipping costs back to our facility.


100% Premium Quality

Assembled in the USA. If you have any questions, concerns, or problems with your grinder don't hesitate to reach out to 

LeverCraft Ultra Grinder
LeverCraft Ultra Grinder
LeverCraft Ultra Grinder
LeverCraft Ultra Grinder
LeverCraft Ultra Grinder
LeverCraft Ultra Grinder
LeverCraft Ultra Grinder
LeverCraft Ultra Grinder
LeverCraft Ultra Grinder LeverCraft Coffee
LeverCraft Ultra Grinder LeverCraft Coffee

LeverCraft Ultra Grinder


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