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This La Peppina London (V2.0) is one of the cleanest examples of a Peppina I have seen since I started collecting and selling machines.  The La Peppina had a very unique design when it comes to vintage lever machines.

The lever on the right has to be pulled down which brings the piston in the base down, opening up a rubber seal from the boiler into the piston chamber.  When the lever is brought back up, the rubber seals shuts off access back to the boiler and the water is forced out through the group, into the portafilter.  While the design isn't perfect (as the seal doesn't always close), the machine is incredibly unique and it makes great espresso!  

New seals and gaskets throughout.  Ready for a new home.  220V

Espresso Making: 8/10

Cosmetic Condition : 10/10

Machine is all original and complete

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